Companies May Profit From Utilizing A Qm System

[Quality Management]

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The Intelligence app lets managers look for bottlenecks and redistribute resources if necessary, including the ability to see words translated per day system wide, so they can ensure that translators are making normal progress and meeting expected deadlines. The Intelligence app dashboards display analytics and data on system-wide activities, performance, assets, content, KPIs, and allow managers to create customizable settings. The Home dashboard provides a high-level summary of all translation activities across the enterprise: on-time delivery percentages to see if projects are on schedule; average terminology compliance for monitoring quality and SLAs the average time to market to identify bottlenecks and allocate needed resources, and words translated per day to determine Quality Management System system-wide productivity. The Performance dashboard shows data on active projects, overdue projects, at-risk projects, completed projects, and active users. Project managers can see the average number of days it takes for a job to go from initial request to completion. The data is displayed by connector--Salesforce, UI Strings, Confluence, AEM, Eloqua, a custom CMS, Drupal, or Lithium, for example--to show how long it takes to translate specific types of content coming from different connected applications. From the Performance dashboard, project managers can easily monitor which projects are on time, overdue, or at risk of missing deadlines. The Assets dashboard provides data on translation memories match percentage by connector, terminology compliance, and the actual TM leveraged across all completed translations. This gives project managers valuable information to demonstrate the ROI and cost savings incurred with the efficient re-use of TM assets, which connectors have the best body of TM, and pinpoint where new translations are taking place. Managers can also check to see which projects have low terminology compliance so they can investigate and take corrective action if necessary. The Content dashboard includes an easy-to-read pie chart showing the total word count breakdown by connector, the average project size based on word counts, and an active document count.

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